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TronixPro Blaze Orange
  • TronixPro Blaze Orange

    • Less stretch to enhance casting distances and bite detection.
    • Unique silicone coating is impermeable to water, making the line ultra-strong, abrasion resistant and super slick.
    • Memory free to reduce line twist and wear and tear, the line stays in top condition for longer.
    • Long lasting line, reducing the amount of times line needs to be changed.
    • 20lb 0.37mm 860m, 28lb 0.44mm 610m.


    Designed specifically for use with fixed spool reels and continental style surf casting rods. The combination of a reduced stretch line and a super slick silicone coating helps the angler get the very best casting performance from these setups. The reduced stretch also heightens the ability to detect bites at range, giving direct feedback on any activity at the terminal tackle end.

    Featuring an advanced silicone coating that makes the line impermeable to maintain its full strength even when wet. This produces one of the most abrasion resistant, memory free lines on the market. The silicone coating also helps to prevent weakening from knots, making it one of the strongest and most dependable lines on the market.

    The silicone coating also decreases the friction experienced when the line travels through the guides, this helps to increase the casting performance of the line, allowing you to achieve more distance with less effort.



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