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Tsunami Black Octopus Hooks
  • Tsunami Black Octopus Hooks

    Tsunami Octopus Hooks come in a range of sizes, with each size allowing anglers to go after their choice of prey. The lighter ones are great for inshore fish, the medium ones for Snapper, Trout, Mackerel, and the larger ones for the Big Cod, Mulloway, Barra and Queenfish. The slick black finish gives the Tsunami Octopus Hooks great presentation in the water with enhanced attraction for all kinds of fish species.

    Everything about the Tsunami Octopus line of hooks is pure class and a great staple for every tackle box.


    Sizes 1/0, 2/0 & 3/0 in packs of 8

    Size 4/0 in pack of 7

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