Asso Tapered Leader
  • Asso Tapered Leader

    18lb-70lb - 0.37 - 0.75
    	High quality Copolymer Tapered Leaders
    	Excellent Knot Strength
    	Very Supple with Low Memory
    	5 Leaders Per Spool
    	Each Leader is 15Meters Long
    	available in orange, red and clear.
    Colour may vary depending on stock. 
    When fishing from the shore a Shock Leader is essential.
    Asso Protector Tapered Leaders offer any angler an imporoved option to a length of heavy line.
    Having a thin end tapering to a thick shock leader means you can tie a knot with 2 lines of similar diameter, this means a much smaller neater knot which offers leass resistance when casting and improves distance. A smaller knot also makes fishing in weed much easier as weed will pass over a smaller knot.
    Asso Protector tapered Leaders are manufactured using the highest quality materials meaning they are strong durable and very supple.