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Century T1000
  • Century T1000

    The Eliminator T1000 is built and designed for fishing demanding conditions – large boulders, kelp and fast tidal streams. Initially it feels very powerful but this is deceptive because it bends and recovers gradually to release this power smoothly from the middle power bands in the butt: adjust your timing, control the flow and T1000 delivers smoothness over all casting styles. The low rod diameter, the ability to handle large baits and big weights at long range will appeal to anglers that fish the hardest conditions multiplier or fixed spool, braid or monofilament and still want a rod that is comfortable to use.

    The technical specification is huge and well researched. Century has incorporated HPR resin technology, Autoclave Technology and for the first time 45/45 STF (spread tow fabric) to improve AT-T anti-twist. The STF surfaces at the upper butt and lower tip and compliments the Anti-Twist Technology incorporated throughout the rod. STF comes straight out of Formula One and all cars use this material extensively in the chassis for performance. Fitted with the robust yet super light Titanium guides as standard keeps excess weight to a minimum. This rod includes more premium features as standard than any other out on the market.


    The Eliminator T1000 makes a perfect tool for flat plane casters but it is capable of being easily mastered by a high swinger or someone who prefers an overhead thump. It obliterates heavy ground fishing and rips through kelp – but it still has enough give in the tip to show bites and prevent hooks pulls. Although the blank is powerful, reeling in fish is a pleasure because the rod gives excellent feedback and transmits the thuds of fighting fish – delivering full control over boulders, reefs, weed and in strong tidal rips.

    Gearbox Design butt and Autoclave Technology

    Blank colour: Spread Tow Fabric

    Factory Finish: American Tackle Titanium K Guides

    Tied in Red metallic under wraps and jet black with white trims

    Marine grade etched stainless steel trim bands – upper and lower butt

    Japanese shrink rubber (JSR) handle

    JSR rubber separator grip on lower tip and upper butt

    3M Reflective tape – top guides

    Century carbon reducer available as optional extra

    Century / Fuji DPS sliding reel seat – coaster not needed, locks to blank just by tightening Fuji hood

    Century partition rod case

    Length – 14′ 10″. Casting Ratio – 125-200g. RRP – £715

      approximately up to 10 weeks for delivery
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