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Daiwa Emblem Surf 45 SCW QD
  • Daiwa Emblem Surf 45 SCW QD

    Daiwa 19 Emblem Surf 45 SCW QD

    The New Emblem has been designed for the beach angler who seeks a high performance fixed spool for both braid and monofil, the Emblem Surf 45 SCW is truly supreme and set to be popular amongst both match anglers and beginners.

    Its 45mm shallow spool, combined with the optimal line lay of Slow Cross Wrap ensures line release is both smooth and efficient. Combined with the control of the double edge spool lip, single rotations of the line are released at a time, minimizing the risk of backlash. Mag Sealed within the rotor protects the gear system from salt and debris, prolonging winding smoothness. Weight is saved through the use of DS5 and DS4 throughout, with the Air Rotor ensuring maximum resistance to heavy loads. Finally, the presence of QD shortens the range between lockdown for casting and preferred drag.


    Capacity 330 yds 0.30 mm braid

    4.9.1 ratio

    630g in weight

    Mag sealed

    Air rotor

    Digi Gear

    Quick Drag

    Twist Buster II

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