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E-S-P Camo Cryogen Hair Rig
  • E-S-P Camo Cryogen Hair Rig

    Expertly tied to exacting standards using ESP Camo Sink Link braid and ultra-sharp and durable Cryogen Gripper hooks. The integrated Streamliner Rig Sleeve over the size 9 swivel helps prevents tangles on the cast. Optimum hair length in relation to the hook size, Hair Stops and Extender Stops are included. The Extender Stops are very handy if a larger bait is required or for snowman type baits.

    Available in sizes 4, 6 & 8 barbed and barbless, three rigs per packet.


    Each pack contains three rigs

    Barbed and barbless Cryogen Gripper hook

    Tied to 9" (23cm) of ESP Camo Sink Link

    Available in:

    Size 4

    Size 6

    Size 8

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