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E-S-P Gripper Combi Rig Barbed
  • E-S-P Gripper Combi Rig Barbed

    Tied to exacting standards in the ESP factory, these rigs comprise the super strong and sharp Cryogen Grippers to Tungsten Loaded semi stiff coated braid. Available in green and brown and in barbed and barbless sizes 4, 6 and 8.

    Constructed in the classic combi-rig style, these rigs are a highly affective presentation. The hair is the optimum length for each hook but extender stops are included to elongate the hair for larger baits and snowman set ups. The ESP Line Aligner sleeve is an essential feature, which helps the hook to turn and prick as the hook link is tightened against the lead.

    Above the hook there is a Streamliner Boom which helps prevent tangles on the cast and also pushes the hooklink at full extension (9” / 23cm) away from the lead for optimum bolt rig performance. The top end of the rig terminates in a small loop attached to a Quick Change swivel. This allows rigs to be changed quickly and easily without having to break anything down.


    Each pack contains one rig

    Barbed and barbless Cryogen Gripper hook

    Tied to 9" (23cm) of ESP Tungsten Loaded Semi-Stiff.

    Available in

    Green or Brown

    Size 4

    Size 6

    Size 8

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