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E-S-P Trig-Hammer Ronnie Rigs

E-S-P Trig-Hammer Ronnie Rigs

New improved Ronnie’s including the super effective Trig-Hammers. This incredibly sharp long-shank pattern has become established as ‘the’ hook of choice for thousands of anglers when using the Ronnie rig. The subtle, curved shank creates an aggressive angle and along with the needle sharp point, leads to exceptionally good hook holds and a formidable hooked-to-landed ratio.

These rigs also incorporate a metal bait screw, which makes pop-up attachment quick, easy and secure. The Grip Stop is located in the optimum position on the bend and this will not slip even when extreme range casting. The hook is attached to a Ronnie Ring Swivel which is sleeved with 1.6mm shrink tube.

Available in sizes 4, 5 & 6 in barbed and barbless, three rigs per pack.


3 rigs per pack

Super strong

Long-life points


360-degree rotation

Perfect for pop-up presentation

Optimum hooking potential

Available in:

Size 4 - Barbed and Barbless

Size 5 - Barbed and Barbless

Size 6 -Barbed and Barbless

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