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ESP Chod Rig Sleeves
  • ESP Chod Rig Sleeves

    The flexible silicone tube is mounted onto a soft sleeve which houses the lead retaining clip and provides a neat, streamlined system. You might wonder why this component is comprised of two parts, rather than being moulded as one piece. Well, the thermoplastic rubber used to mould the clip link retaining sleeve is malleable yet tough and is perfect for sleeving the clip link yet does not have the soft flexibility and inherent ‘spring’ of good old silicone tube so ESP have combined the two materials to create the perfect shock absorber buffer sleeve for chod rig work. The silicone tube can be shortened if required, as can the clip retaining sleeve if the leader is tied directly to the lead loop.


    6 per packet

    Soft, flexible silicone sleeve acts as a buffer

    Prevents the hook from coming into contact with the lead

    Available in:


    Weedy green

    Choddy silt

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