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ESP Ronnie Clips & Tungsten Sleeve
  • ESP Ronnie Clips & Tungsten Sleeve

    The hooklink boom is commonly tied using either coated braid like Tungsten Loaded or fluorocarbon like Soft Ghost.

    The tungsten sleeve serves two important functions - it secures the rig on the clip and is also the counterbalance for the pop up. Available 0.3g and 0.6g that can be tailored to different sized hooks and hookbaits to create perfectly balanced pop up presentations. As a rough guide the 0.3g for smaller 12-14mm pop ups and the 0.6g for 15-16mm.

    Available in weedy green, camo brown and silt grey with 8 clips and 8 sleeves per packet.

    Available in:

    Silt Grey

    Weedy Green

    Camo Brown

    Small or Large

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