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Fenix HP25R v2
  • Fenix HP25R v2

    Fenix HP25R V2.0 sits at the pinnacle of the Fenix single lithium battery headlamp range. With a huge 5000 mAh capacity from its rear mounted, replaceable rechargeable battery, combined with precision engineered heat transfer from the LED's into the cast / precision machined aluminium head unit, this headlamp delivers massive performance in terms of power output at high brightness, plus huge run time at lower brightness levels. 

    HP25R V2.0 features 3 individual LED's enabling the headlamp to cover a range of outdoor and indoor applications from sporting to trade use. 

    Main and flood/red beams feature their own independent switches and can be used individually or combined to provide the perfect lighting for any task.

    The rear mounted battery pack is connected by a strong, light weight braided cable with anti- stress S curve fitting in the headband, and gives the headlamp great balance for comfortable wear. A modern USB-C type socket is fitted (charging cable supplied) to charge the included 21700 battery in just 4 hours using your 2A mobile phone charger or similar.

    Main beam:

    The main 1600 lumen LED and reflector provide a balanced combination of far reaching spot and area spill light, lighting near and far. Safe illumination for a multitude of tasks. The light offers 5 output levels from 50 to 1600 lumens and punches out to an impressive 290 meters at maximum output.

    * Eco - 50 lumens (80 hours non dimming output) - 59m beam
    * Low - 150 lumens (24 hours non dimming output) - 83m beam
    * Med - 400 lumens (8 hours non dimming output) - 140m beam
    * High - 1000 lumens max - 228m beam -10 minutes constant output at 1000 lumens! (output will dim to 450 lm after 10 minutes to prevent overheating. High output can be re activated once the headlamp cools. Continuous (non stop) run time is 7 hours +.
    * Turbo - 1600 lumens max - 290m beam - 10 minutes constant output at 1700 lumens! (output will dim to 450 lm after 10 minutes to prevent overheating). Turbo output can be re activated once the headlamp cools. Continuous - non stop run time is 6 hours +

    Pure flood beam with no distracting hard edges:

    The HP25R V2's pure flood beam offers 3 output levels from 5 to 400 lumens. From low level night reading to a smooth, powerful close in working beam with no hot spot, the flood light has you covered. Run times vary from a powerful 8 hours working light, to a huge 16.6 days, great for low level lighting and emergency situations.

    * Low - 5 lumens (400 hours non dimming output) - 8m beam
    * Med - 150 lumens (24 hours non dimming output) - 30m beam
    * High - 400 lumens (8 hours non dimming output) - 50m beam

    Combined beams:

    Combine main and flood beams to create your ideal beam profile. For example, 150 lumens close in flood lighting combined with 50 lumens, 59 meter main beam. Work in close yet have a little extra reach without adjusting the headlamp.

    Red beam:

    Protect your night vision or set up an SOS signal with the low level red beam.

    Red - 5 lumens (400 hours) - 6m beam
    Red SOS - 5 lumens (800 hours - 33 days !) - 6m beam

    Fenix HP25R V2.0 headlamp other features:

    * Rear mounted battery pack provides big battery capacity and great balance
    * LED battery level / charging indicator
    * Can use an 18650 battery (ALF-18 battery adapter sold seperately)
    * Perforated, breathable comfort headband
    * Reflective strips on headband and battery box rear for added visibility
    * 2m impact tested for durability
    * 60 degree tilt mechanism for ideal beam alignment
    * Dual lock out (electronic and plastic cover) to prevent accidental activation during transport
    * IP66 weather proof for all outdoor conditions
    * Wide operating temperature of -35 to + 45 Deg C
    * 4 x Helmet attachment hooks supplied


    * General switch: For on/off and output selection on General mode.
    * Functional switch: For on/off and output selection on Functional mode.


    Press and hold either of the switches for 0.5 seconds to turn on/off the lamp.

    Output Selection

    General mode - Main Beam: Single click the general switch to cycle through Eco→Low→Med→High→Turbo of spotlight.

    Functional mode - Flood Beams: Single click the functional switch to cycle through Low→Med→High→Red Light→Red SOS.

    Intelligent Memory Circuit

    The headlamp memorizes the last selected output. When turned on again the previously used output will be recalled.

    Lockout Function

    Lock: when the lamp is switched off, press and hold either of the two switches, or simultaneously press the two switches for 3 seconds, the lamp will blink red four times to indicate locked status.

    * To unlock, press both switches for 3 seconds. The light will blink 4 times on low red light mode and activate in low output red light mode.
    * When locked, pressing either switch will activate 4 blinks in low red light mode to indicate locked status

    Our HP25R V2.0 LED headlamp is perfect for your arduous pursuits from best fishing headlamp, hunting headlamp to military headlamp, search and rescue, daily work and many more. This headlamp offers all the hallmarks of premium Fenix build quality with no corners cut, including metal heat dissipating head (much more expensive to produce than plastic headlamp bodies) and best electronics and LED's available.

    For full product details please refer to the user manual in the small images area above.

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