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RG BAITS - Seven till Eleven Wafters 10x15mm

RG BAITS - Seven till Eleven Wafters 10x15mm

All our Primary range are produced using the exact same unique liquids as the designated flavour enhancer. The only difference being, our unique blend of liquids is added at an increased level plus with an inclusion of a powdered flavour palatant giving optimum leakage, boasting year round attraction.

The Primary Wafters come in a single size which is a 10x15mm Barrel.

It’s all about the feeding spells, and when testing these little beauties the magical hours for a bite was between seven till eleven. These eye catching bright yellow pop-ups scream a bite on the coldest of days. We don’t want to give too much away when it comes to the Seven till Elevens, you will have to trust us when we say the attraction package is something very unique and individual. They include glycol and ethyl alcohol flavours, essential oils and a organic acid in the form of Butyric. The liquids are then finished off with the correct amount of liquid sucrase to give that sweet taste and aroma. We then blend all this with eggs and bind with our milk protein pop-up mix which offers great buoyancy. Colouring has a major part to play in the attractiveness of these hook baits, and with all the Primary range they should not loose there fluorescent colour when submerged for long periods of time.

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