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RG BAITS - The Formula + Artic Crab Pellets
  • RG BAITS - The Formula + Artic Crab Pellets

    The Formula + Arctic Crab pellet, a predominantly fishmeal pellet which carries the distinct “Arctic Crab” aroma. With an impressive protein content exceeding 40% and oil content of 12% our Formula pellets incorporate a very similar makeup to our Formula boilie, proving a nutrient rich food source for any fish. Being a highly digestible and palatable feed, the amino profile of this pellet is only improved through the inclusion of the unique Formula liquid food, something fish seem to find irresistible. The breakdown time of the pellet is anything from 60-90 minutes dependant on water temperature, throughout this period endless feed triggers and stimulants are continuously leaked through the layers, oozing attraction to any passing fish. Ideal for use in stick, spod and bag mixes alike, The Formula + Arctic Crab pellets can be enhanced when used in conjunction with matching liquid food, bait soak and bait spray, available in 3mm, 6mm & 14mm.

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