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RG BAITS - Vita-lac Stabilised Boilies
  • RG BAITS - Vita-lac Stabilised Boilies

    Compromising the same high quality ingredients to those used in the Vita-lac freezer bait only with the added inclusion of natural human grade food preserver. The Vita-lac is designed to combine longevity and instant attraction, a well thought out nutritional base mix gives the bait guaranteed longevity whilst a unique blend of liquids adds emphasis to attraction properties. Made up from a combination of four milk protein powders (rennet casein 90 mesh, Lactalbumen, WPC 60, Lamlac), milled nut meal, mixed bird seeds, vegetable extracts and low level soluble fish proteins all backed up with the inclusion of an in house blend of flavour extracts and sweeteners. As do all the baits under the RG banner the Vita-lac comes stamped with the PDN seal of approval, a year round bait with a creamy sweet aroma and taste of which carp truly love, a sure fire winner where catching carp is concerned.

    available in 12, 15mm, 18mm and 22mm.

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