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Shakespeare Beta Seat Box
  • Shakespeare Beta Seat Box

    The Shakespeare Beta Seat Boxes are able to hold a vast amount of tackle with dimensions of 45cm x 37cm x 39cm. The top is designed to fit a cushion and you are also able to attach a side tray to the box, making it very versatile for those anglers who like to have their tackle to hand or who need to prepare their bait whilst they’re fishing.

    Seat boxes are an excellent tool and are used by angler’s across the disciplines. This particular offering from Shakespeare is especially loved by sea anglers, but if perfectly suitable for all fishing styles and types.

    • All new design
    • Made from high quality durable filled-polypropylene
    • Extra deep lid for additional storage
    • Unique twin catch style locking system
    • Improved water resistance
    • Available in 2 colours: Black or Blue
    • 1x Seatbox
    • Depth at Top: 38cm
    • Depth at Bottom: 31cm
    • Width at Top: 52cm
    • Width at Bottom: 46cm
    • Height: 40cm
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