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Sidewinder 4" Shads
  • Sidewinder 4" Shads

    Buy 10 Packs get 1 free. Place 11 packs in your basket and enter promo code SIDEWINDER10 in the coupon section and the discount will be added at checkout.

    • 4 Shads Per pack
    • Choice of colours
    • Classic shad shape to mimic small bait fish
    • Built in weight for perfect swimming action
    • Sharp Mustad hook
    • Strong paddle tail action
    • Top drifting lure over wreck or reef
    • Cast from the shore or Boat


    Sidewinder Shads are superb weighted shads which are deadly from both boat and shore.
    Small fish such as scad are an important prey item of many offshore species and the profile of the Sidewinder Shad is a good imitation of many of these prey species. Couple this with the strong paddle tail action and you have a lure which will tempt bass, pollack, cod etc.
    For best effect from the boatfish them on the drift with a long flying collar rig
    Shore lure anglers also find Shads an effective lure for bass and pollack.

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