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Sidewinder Skerries 4" Eels
  • Sidewinder Skerries 4" Eels

    • New colours now available
    • Length 4''
    • Weight 10gm
    • Deadly bass lure
    • Ultra realistic sand eel imitation
    • Slim profile to mimic a sandeel
    • Built in weight for perfect swimming action
    • Sharp hook
    • Realistic tail action
    • Top drifting lure over wreck or reef
    • Cast from the shore
    • 4 per pack


    Sidewinder have developed the Skerries Eel to be a close copy of the sandeels which are one of the most important food sources for many predatory species. Trialled with some of the South West's top bass fishermen this combination of a slim sandeel shape, natural colour and the action packed Sidewinder tail have been combined to make a deadly bass lure.
    If the fish are on the sandeels then the Skerries is a must have lure not only for bass but for cod and pollack as well
    You can use them on standard drifting gear or with a light spinning outfit where they can be cast from boat or shore.

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